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Long time nixers

at least on my monitor, the night mode is a little bit dull. If I’m the only one who thinks so (could be due to my old monitor), that’s fine, I’ll find a local workaround. :)

How about this diff?

diff --git a/nightmode_toggle.js b/nightmode_toggle.js
index fa2e4b0..1ef2124 100644
--- a/nightmode_toggle.js
+++ b/nightmode_toggle.js
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ var lightCol = [
var darkCol = [
     'rgb(125, 125, 125)',
     'rgb(20, 20, 20)',
-    'rgb(99, 139, 131)',
+    'rgb(82, 168, 152)',
     'rgb(33, 33, 33)',
     'rgb(27, 27, 27)',
     'rgb(125, 191, 184)',

This slightly increases lightness and saturation of link/button colors. It’s just a minor tweak.

Here are some screenshots for comparison:

What do you think?

While we’re at it, is there anything else we should tweak?
A minor tweak with a great effect. I like it.
I've applied the change so that everyone can try it first hand.
Let me know if you prefer it.
Grey Hair Nixers
Perhaps give a bit more contrast to the gray text ?

To be fair, I prefer the "Day mode", so don't take my ideas too seriously ;)