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Long time nixers
Hey everyone,

I’m a sophmore in uni studying computer science and I feel far from competent. Despite this I have the oppertunity to conduct some undergraduate research in mathematics or computation.

I’m looking for ideas or areas that I can delve into with a low enough bar of entry.

Grey Hair Nixers
you could look into implementing math algorithm using weird languages line mathlab, prolog or scala. That would imrpove your skills in both fields
Maybe an easy entry point would be to take a research paper you like and expand on the questions brought up in the discussion part of it.
You could implement some sort of mathematical algorithm like Z3bra said and investigate the efficiency (in terms of any metric, writing ease, compile, run time) of different languages. For example, I'm always confused why astrophysics has some weird obsession with FORTRAN. Or maybe it could be simpler - why are different languages used for different things across different research fields.