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Long time nixers
Hello Everyone,

I have some really good news as well as some really bad news.

The bad news is we will no longer be offering or maintaining unixhub.net email accounts. Anyone who had a unixhub.net mail account will notice they are no longer able to send, receive, or access their mail.

I am really sorry about this. This is the result of a clusterfuck of things going wrong with our hosting platform. We had been using a hosting control panel called I-MSCP. It was good in the beginning but is a terrible piece of software.

I spent most of my day yesterday configuring our new server manually. We no longer use a control panel like I-MSCP to maintain our server. The only issue with this was that the mail accounts were in a I-MSCP specific format and could not be saved. A migration was attempted, but again we ran into trouble with I-MSCP and it was not possible to happen.

Now for the good news. While there are no unixhub.net email accounts for the time being they will return again soon. This time on an entirely new infrastructure that will give users access to more than just mail services. Without giving to much away for the moment, I can only promise we have some really big things in the works. Stay tuned for more information about our secret project.

You may have also noticed we have been experiencing some spam issues on the forums. We are putting measures in place to prevent this and are working to be 100% spam free.

Last but not least, a new forum theme is on the way. We have listened to your suggestions and have created a new theme containing all of the features the current one is missing. The new theme returns functionality to the forums but keeps the UnixHub style we all know and love.

I personally want to thank every single one of your for sticking with us and for continuing to grow as a community. What we have here is an amazing thing with extraordinary potential.

Thank you,
Long time nixers
Thank you guys for all that you do here. Keep up the good work!
Long time nixers
Thanks for all the good work [ I especially like the new theme ;) ]. May I suggest ISPConfig as for an alternative management system? Disclosure: I'm not part of their project. It's quite mature now and in active use among quite a lot of web hosts. It also has an active community, which I didn't see with I-MSCP after a quick scan of their forums.
Long time nixers
Cannot wait for someone to leak that information ahead of time :P
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