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haha, man, that's because i tried to make groups, and the format sucked.

lineage is okay. oh cool, how do you like it so far? right that's what i thought.

i might go with the librem then!
(19-01-2021, 06:31 AM)jolia Wrote: i decided to go on with lineage

I flashed Graphine OS on my Pixel 2xl last year, and while it was mostly usable (after I installed MicroG which doesn't come packaged with GraphineOS) there was just a couple of things I couldn't live without. The deal breaker for me was that I couldn't cast Netflix to my ChromeCast. I'm sure there are probably workarounds, or maybe I should just upgrade my TV (it's not a smart TV). The other thing was Google Camera apk didn't work which is arguably the one reason to own a google phone. I did manage to find a GCam.apk which sort of worked but it was still buggy.
Overall, I'm happy to use stock Android, I don't use Google Maps, Gmail etc.. I mostly use open source/secure apps. I've also disabled google assistant because I don't need that. I guess I have to compromise.

In terms of apps.
  • AutoNotification - for hiding useless persistent notifications.
  • OpenKeyChain
  • PasswordStore
  • Termux
  • Signal
  • WhatsApp - unfortunately to many of my friends still refuse to switch
  • TelegramX - for my friends who don't use WhatsApp
  • Spark - email client
  • Kiwi Browser - built on the Chrome engine and allows extensions so Ublock Origin etc..
  • Firefox Focus - for private browsing and online shopping.
  • Spotify, Netflix, Disney+
  • HERE WeGo - Navgation

There's more, like my banking app, reddit, ubereats etc. I still use some Google apps such as Google Calandar and Notes because I sync these with my wife. Will be moving the family over to NextCloud eventually.
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