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Wow guys, this has changed my life. I should have done it long ago, but after I bound ESC to CAPSLOCK Vim has become so much more comfortable to use. That extra stretch was becoming a bit ridiculous. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it!

Check the Vim wiki for help if you need it.

Has anyone else done this, or do you use a different keybind?
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If that's the case then why not bind CAPSLOCK to TAB and TAB to ESC, wouldn't it be easier to use?
I find that having caps lock mapped to control is also as conveninent as having it mapped to escape. So I use xcape to have left control act as escape if tapped by itself or as control if used in a chord (ctrl-a). You will of course need to map caps lock to control beforehand though:
setxkbmap -option 'ctrl:nocaps'
Check and for other systems.
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Long time nixers
That's actually a rather good idea. I'll still have to play with my setup throughout the week to better tweak it to my workflow.