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Long time nixers
A while back in time, scanning thru my glasses at the #! desktop thread, I saw a user give a shout out to this place called "UNIXHUB" in his scrot. It's not until today tho, that I have actually decided to see as to whether or not the site was legit.

And off the bat, you guys don't disappoint! The site is very minimal and attractive, like those homes on the lakefront: minimal and yet full of storage compartments.

This does not seem much of an intro tho to who I am, then again on all the forums I have posted I have never gotten this right. And on one forum I was kicked out for deciding to write my intro in mint green font, a personal favorite color of mine. Not because I was judged on the color but because they assumed any color other then black is yelling.

Anyway without a further delay....

I have loved computers since the day I was in the first grade. I went to private school and they didn't always buy the latest equipment... or a lot of equipment. Our library only had twenty computers within its long shelves of non beaten up books. So the privilege of using them went mostly to the eight graders and when they were not using them to do boring things - looking at high school sports for example. The lab was open to any of the lower grades.

Our teacher thought it would be cool to explore the realm of the computer. The things were massive and grey. The first ever application I used was paint, I drew lines on top of lines because kids with mice don't really work out to well. I also performed my first GOOGLE search on there for "Book reports on Junie B. Jones books" and my second "How to lie and not get caught", those search's saved my life a couple of times.

And as I aged so did the school. Eventually they ditched the old 90's HP machines and got newer HP's (it's here that I learned HP's always overheat). Every year students hate coming back to school, but in the fourth grade while everyone else was thinking about joining band I looked into the newly formed computer club. It's here where I first saw the inside of a computer and thought "That's a massive city they have in there! " and "Sony should sue these people for naming something PS1". After being in the computer club until I went to public school in the seventh grade, I understood what I wanted to do in life. I wanted to work with computers. Sadly tho there was no computer club to join.

In High School, I joined all the classes that had to deal with computers. From computer servicing to networking, where I ran in the Cisco Netriders and finished third in my cities area and fourth in state, sadly it ended there because they only took the top two teams. To computer apps where I achieved a MS Office certificate and finally keyboarding. The school was also pretty cool in the fact that since the junk computer parts where of no use to them they put it in a hallway. My friends took two projectors that was in working order side a non-working lamp that would have put them back $600 USD. I only made away with a Intel Core 2 DUO computer that the caps were all dead and a Nvidia gefore 7300 LE.

I started to use Linux on Halloween day in 2010 using Ubuntu 10.10, and after many distro changes, am still using it today.

*unix is something that will always stick with me and hope to use in future careers. Currently I am planning to attend Hartford University for a Dual major in Computer Science and Web Development. All of this may sound enticing, but in reality I'm not that "cool". In my spare time I love to watch The Amazing World of Gumball and Rabbids, as well as play Linux's Nexuiz. I am not much of a gamer tho, only going on there to talk to some close mates from around the world. I don't play any instruments, don't have a girlfriend, don't have a twitter, or other social network site. So basically one can call me Patrick from Spongebob, because I really do enjoy being lazy.

So to summarize:

I am a computer loving guy that never was really cool to people who did not know the difference from a mofset and a capacitor, but I do like TV and being rather lazy. I am looking forward to being here with you guys and elaborating on things.

And maybe some *BSD folks can help me compile a minimal kernel.
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Hello, I am also a Patrick!
Do you want to roll the deep sea with me?
Long time nixers
(28-08-2013, 03:12 PM)venam Wrote: Hello, I am also a Patrick!
Do you want to roll the deep sea with me?

Any time bro, any time. Just need to get those nuke subs man.... or we can cool it with Megalodon.
The world is quaking from our Linux Thoughts!
Grey Hair Nixers
Great introduction jobss, you are welcome here :)