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The last couple days I've been spending a lot of time on grooveshark listening to new stuff (finding maybe one new artist that I like: Flying Lotus). I've come to the realization that my relatively large music collection is starting to feel old. I haven't been actively buying CDs as much in the last couple of years I suppose, and that's probably my problem.

I guess I'll just list a few bands and artists I've listened to in the course of the past 10 years (most if not all I've also listened to at some point recently). I feel like I'm making a myspace profile or something.

Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, The Flaming Lips, Mr Bugnle, Herbie Hancock, Frank Zappa, Kuedo, Venetian Snares, Tom Waits, The Beatles, The Doors, Mr Oizo, Kool G. Rap, Dr Octagon, MF Doom.
Long time nixers
I've been getting into a lot of vaporwave and witch-house recently.