Workflow Compilation [June Events 2021] - Desktop Customization & Workflow

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z3bra: If you're on a wlroots-based compositor, you can use wf-recorder: - it has always worked really well for me (well, at least since my PR).
Long time nixers
late to the party...

* video
* scrot

warez used:
* 2bwm
* urxvt
* tmux
* interrobang
* z3bra's todo script
* cmus
* xero's hashwall script
* scrot
* syntax samurai pb script
* irssi
* qutebrowser

I could do with a shot of rum right now.
That's it!
Thanks everyone for participating in this year's compilation.

The result has been uploaded as webm, on a YouTube mirror, on movq mirror