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Long time nixers
Hi folks!

Today I released a project i have been working on for a couple of months:

I write a lot of bash scripts, and want to have have proper documentation. Many projects have:
man page
--help | -h command line option to print info to stderr

All of these share sources, but can (should) have differences in content (man page should be more verbose then info option f.i.) and different format (markdown, plaintext, html). I also noted that almost all added documentation is related to new command line options or environment variables.

Before i created bashbud, this meant, that adding a cli option flag often meant i needed to edit many different files, and even if it wasn't documented, adding cli flags to getopts, parse it just to store 1 in a variable with the same name as the option.

In short, bashbud tries to make this whole process more automated and smooth, it works very similar to a static site generator (hugo).

I also wanted the solution to be very general, not bound to bash, or even programming, so I have added a "template" system that make the whole thing, very, customizable.

I have spent more or less the whole month writing a man page / wiki, and am very interested in feedback (both on the documentation, code and the program/issue/solution that is bashbud in general).

I have planned to make some video tutorials as a companion to the wiki.

It's written in awk, btw.