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Long time nixers
so let's talk about crypto-currency, bitcoin, alt-coins, wallets, etc.

what tools/services do you use to manage your coins? do you still mine/pool? what cool stuff do you do w/ your coins?
I've been looking at Bitcoin recently. I hear that the electurm wallet is good.
Has anyone here looked into ethereum yet? I have done a bit of research on it and it seems like a strange version of bitcoin to me.
That's funny, I thought about diving in crypto $$$ yesterday. Looked at Bitcoin, but also at Litecoin, Dogecoin & other sillycoins.
Guess I like zombies, that's why i revive this thread.

In the last time, there was a lot of buzz around bitcoin. The price keeps rising, the general public is aware of it, the blockchain as a technology itself gets more and more publicity. So, I got intrigued (again) into looking in cryptocurrencies.
I do not want to get into mining bitcoins, because that is not worth it imho. Energy price is too high here.. That's why I thought about looking into alternative currencies. Ripple and Ethereum seem to be interested, because the entry-cost is quite low. Litecoin would also be an option, for the same reasons.
I haven't looked at the technology behind any of these three, but that'll follow as soon as i have some more free time at my hands..

Any thoughts on the topic? Or is it too risky to buy in anything else then bitcoin right now?
Grey Hair Nixers
Ethereum and friends can be exchanged with bitcoin I think, so that might be an option
Long time nixers
Bitcoin will continue to rise for a couple of months at least, but your overall returns will not really impress you anymore. Buying Bitcoins is like buying traditional stock as of today, but less future-proof.

Ethereum and especially smaller coins like Steem will probably give you a 1,000% (or more) revenue over time. Well, Ethereum not so much anymore (already too late...).
Still biting my ass for not having invested into BTC in 2010.

<mort> choosing a terrible license just to be spiteful towards others is possibly the most tux0r thing I've ever seen
Just today I read a pretty nice article about ethereum mining on ati graphics cards and it seems to be still pretty lucrative to mine with 'standard' gaming gpus. That seems to be the reason, the latest ati generation is sold out, because they provide the same hashrate as the nvidia gtx1070 series - for half the price...

As I'm currently planning on re-using my gaming rig, i'll try to mine ethereum... If this proves to be not as cost-effective as i'd like, then i might simply buy in.

@jkl: Yeah, even the people who did that are biting their asses right now - because most of them cashed out after it's rise above 300 dollars, because they either wanted some new hardware or because of fear of a bubble. And then there is my buddy who had like 30 bitcoins mined in the early days and got his wallet stolen.
I bought in on Litecoin and Ethereum so far. Yesterday a colleague showed me the concept of SpaceMINT - where mining does not take place with CPU/GPU operations but on empty space on harddrives... I'll definitely try that - because i got some of that.
(23-06-2017, 03:53 AM)mrtn Wrote: I bought in on Litecoin and Ethereum so far.

What persuaded you to buy into Litecoin?
Bitcoin has mindshare and is by far the most popular, Ethereum has smart contracts - a use case other coins don't, Zcash has anonymity and was started by experts in cryptography, but what does Litecoin have going for it?

Here is an interesting article on price manipulation in bitcoin: