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Long time nixers
The last time I was on this forum was November 2014 - I last owned a computer in 2018, and the pandemic brought me to purchase a *mint* thinkpad t400 for sixty bucks and slap some slackware on it.

How are ya?
Hello again dcli,
I do indeed remember you, it's been a really long time.
What have you been up to these pas 2 years without a computer, anything non-personal you could share with us?

The forums has evolved quite a bit, the discussion is slower, lots of people have moved to tech news aggregators comment section, there's more action on IRC.
Grey Hair Nixers
Wow it's been a while ! glad to see you again and welcome back !
Long time nixers
Well, I've been reading a lot, working, seeing friends - on the more technical side I've been repairing a lot of vintage audio equipment. My most recent project was an old RCA audio frequency generator, next up is one of these:

As for ricing, I just installed openbox and am goinna tool around with it - I never was much for tiling wms (scorn not my simplicity).

I deleted my reddit accounts around the same time I left here, so I won't be going there. I'm glad you're still around and active.
Hi! I wasn't around six years ago, so we probably haven't met. You sound interesting though, so I'm looking forward to what you have to say :)

It seems that a lot of the people here don't use tiling window managers, so you're not going to get scorned.