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Single-file CMS for creating a micro-nano-pico forum in which only admin can act as top-starter. to work you need php 4 and higher, does not require relational databases, everything is in one small file. All the rest have the right to comment without the need for registration, without the possibility of inserting HTML codes, and then something graphic. The only exceptions are Emoji, you can copy them from any existing source, or by entering from the phone (many have this software on their phones, so I see no reason to insert them into the program).
The administrator can edit topics with the ability to insert images, various formats, etc. pieces https://htmled.it/ - there are such visual editors with the help of which you can create and then format it as it should, and insert the ready code into the topic, after saving you can admire the result.
But there is also no connection button with the admin, what"s the point if the engine is created for maximum anonymity, however ... whoever wants to can leave their real data at their own risk, as they say.

For installation on the hosting, you will need PHP version 4 and higher, you can add your favicon to the folder with the CMS and it will appear at the top of the browser;)
No rights to install will be required, all data will be recorded in the index
sections are created if you forget to enter the name of the topic, and just add a couple of words to the "content".
Administrator comments are highlighted in purple and ordinary users in black.
the administrator does not have a fixed nickname, you can always use a different nickname.
in theory, there is a possibility that comments would be sent to the mail, which you enter in the admin panel (in which you only write the name of the site, which is above, the email, and the administrator password, but you don’t need more).

there is a version in Russian, it is no different from English.

how do you think? Do people need such a script? Is he worthy of a github release? it's only 10 kilobytes of code in one file ...