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i'm sure there's some sophisticated method for running a shell script at boot, but here's an easy alternative:

open /etc/crontab in a text editor (you'll need root):

$ sudo vim /etc/crontab

add this line to the bottom: @reboot root /bin/bash /root/

now, open /root/ and put your shell script there.

a word of warning:

don't use the root user unless you need to. if you don't, create a new user and use it instead:

$ useradd -g users -s /bin/(zsh|bash) username

Seems like a good method. Welcome to the forums.
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Pretty neat, although, at first glance: would @reboot only cause this to be triggered and run on a soft reboot? Would it also work on a hard power cycle?
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Note that @reboot also works on BSD Unix (?) and its descendants (!).

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crontab -e

is how i usually edit my cron jobs.