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Greetings nixers,

I've been thinking about doing some sort of nix-related webzine for a while now, and I know that the idea has been floated on IRC a few times already.

My thoughts are a monthly publication with a couple of short articles (350-500 words), with one longer form (800-1000 words) and then possibly some sort of recurring theme like "shell one-liner of the month".

Interested to hear thoughts and ideas for submissions; if all goes well I would like to get issue one launched before the end of the month (optimistic I know)

Mock up below

[Image: image.png]
That's a fantastic idea! Let's hope it catches on.

I'll try to come up with something for it.
Long time nixers
I like this idea. Short articles are really handy when you're skimming the internet on a coffee break.

How would the submissions work? Would anything be excepted and then someone takes on the role of Editor and selects similar themed articles for each issue? Or would a theme for the month be announced and all submissions are taken before a deadline?
Probably the former pyrate, with themed editions around milestones and anniversaries. Off the top of my head maybe like a Perl one for a major anniversary
Long time nixers
That sounds good. I would be happy to write something up but due to life commitments it may take a while.

We have a great community here, I look forward to seeing how this takes shape.
Grey Hair Nixers
Good idea ! I tried to start a similar thing in the past, but it never caught up…

A few links:

Wish the best for the webzine ! If I can give an advice, try to make posting articles as low-effort as possible (eg. sending an email), and hidden from the public before publication. This way shy and/or lazy people can still participate.

I can set up an email to receive them if you want.
Thanks z3bra. venam was going to set me up a forward I think but now he's away I've just created an alias on my domain for now, will change this later

for those interested, i've done a landing page with details of the zine on