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Long time nixers
"nope." was all I saw when I went to nixers yesterday... what happened? anyone?
Grey Hair Nixers
Long time nixers
yeah, so, I wish the discussion thread on merging with unixporn had been left open for comment because I think its important to realize that if nixers became strictly a scrot forum I'd run away screaming and gouging at my eyes. FTFY! *nix is WAY more than ricing your desktop... in fact, if I even change my wallpaper I feel like I'm wasting time! icons and shit? GTFO! I use Linux not because I can rice it and make it look like some shit from "Hackers", but because its got the power to keep up with my computing style. Period. SO, now that I've gotten that off my chest... and we aren't merging with unixporn or unixhub, or whoeverthefucktheyare, I can resume normal operations.
Thanks for posting sodaphish, I'm sorry I might have closed the thread too soon.