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Sorcerer Linux. - Alexander - 02-08-2012

Anyone here tried sorcerer Linux? Could you share your experience with it? Is it worth installing? I could find very little information about it, seems very unknown.

RE: Sorcerer Linux. - yrmt - 02-08-2012

It's pretty much dead now. May I suggest Lunar Linux? Same style and still maintained actively. I like it a lot.

RE: Sorcerer Linux. - Alexander - 02-08-2012

Ah, alright. I kinda figured it was dead. Lunar looks nice though, i wanna try something source based out.

RE: Sorcerer Linux. - crshd - 02-08-2012

There's also [Source Mage]( Based on the origial Sorcerer as well. Haven't heard anything about Sorcerer for ages.

RE: Sorcerer Linux. - Alexander - 02-08-2012

I'll make sure to check out that as well, thanks. I tried Sorcerer out real quick on my laptop, this spell thing is driving me frickin' crazy.