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Yow guizow - jolia - 06-08-2012

Hey guyz,

I just came back from holidays and I saw whole Joom's Stuff fucked?

Is this the new place to speak and do anything?

Btw, the forum's theme is awesome :)

Where can I find you on IRC dudes?

Cya there.

RE: Yow guizow - yrmt - 06-08-2012

Welcome! Good to see you here. Check above for the IRC.

RE: Yow guizow - Jayro - 06-08-2012

Hey Jolia,

Welcome! Yes, This somewhat replaced Joomsrap.

We can be found here! #unixhub

RE: Yow guizow - Test-Run - 06-08-2012

Hi Jolia, sup?
It's good to have you here :D


RE: Yow guizow - jolia - 15-08-2012

Thanks br0 :)

It's a pleasure to be here!