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Hello UnixHub - Gen - 28-11-2013


I figured I should re-make my introduction! I originally joined looking for Joomla, and once I found him. I was going to force him to help me out with all my unix questions, but then I realized I didn't have time in my semester to learn something non-related to the five courses I was already taken, so being overwhelmed I stopped. But the fire in me to learn Unix hasn't left me yet! I'm off school and plan on spending a few months no-living this.

I'm Oz, I come from Canada living in Alberta (Under this fucking snow). I'm seventeen, Athletic, weird, love coffee, and love to learn. I live for stressful scenarios and learning new things. I work at Starbucks as a Barista trainer and shift supervisor.

I've been inspired to learn Unix once I realized a few things. The world we live in, and the world we will live in years down the road is dominated by technology, and it seams like Unix is the foundaiton of the majority of it. I have a long list of things I want to learn relating to this large goal, and Unix is one of them!

I am currently on a Macbook Pro 13in Retina display, with OSX. On a virtualbox I have booted a FreeBSD (Or trying to install successfully, at least). I plan to have a dual boot, and work up to a single boot of FreeBSD, or another BSD OS.

So yeah, that's me. How are you all doing?

RE: Hello UnixHub - yrmt - 28-11-2013

It's Joomla!

RE: Hello UnixHub - trgc - 28-11-2013

Welcome. I'm H0p.e from hf :)

RE: Hello UnixHub - Gen - 28-11-2013

Oh lol hope you neg'd me, but that's hf w/e. And I'll join the irc after class today, i miss that babe D:

RE: Hello UnixHub - trgc - 28-11-2013

Lol which one are you?

RE: Hello UnixHub - Gen - 30-11-2013

(28-11-2013, 09:10 PM)trgc Wrote: Lol which one are you?

Mint.:P lol

Was something about a RAT or something, idrk tbh.

RE: Hello UnixHub - zygotb - 30-11-2013

Welcome to the Hub of Unix, where it's all *nix, all the time.

RE: Hello UnixHub - Joomla12 - 08-12-2013

I remember you. I spend my time on IRC these days, and don't really bother with forums anymore. For whatever reason, my HF account was closed just out of the blue and Omnni never responded to my emails, so I just stopped caring.

RE: Hello UnixHub - berk - 09-12-2013


RE: Hello UnixHub - Gen - 30-03-2014

Updated a bit :) HI!