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[Help] Manjaro - Gen - 28-11-2013


Hey guys. I'm posting here today to ask for assistance in my dual boot for Manjaro.

I have a mac osx. I've partitioned it half and half, and added refit. I boot with the cd, and get to the partition spot, which I added a swap, then made the 125gb partition my '/' destination, and finished installation which required a reboot. I go to launch it, and it says no boot medium installed?

The forum was no help..So wondering if you guys could give me a hand. Thanks.

RE: [Help] Manjaro - nrmc.dubz - 28-11-2013

Sounds like Bootloader a issue. Check your entries.

RE: [Help] Manjaro - Gen - 28-11-2013

Could you elaborate on what that'd include ).(

RE: [Help] Manjaro - Reindeer11 - 20-12-2013

Gen, are you currently on a Hackintosh or a Mac?

RE: [Help] Manjaro - jobss - 21-12-2013

No boot medium sounds like their is no MBR installed that will start the boot process. I could be wrong tho.

Last time I installed Manjaro I installed it the same way you are, with root taking up almost all the disk space and leaving a little room for swap. When I installed it, with their old textual installer, there was a dialog box asking where to install the MBR, and for that I selected /.

An easier way to install would be to create a /boot a / and a /swap, and then /boot would automatically get the MBR.

If you are using a real Mac, you may have to follow the Arch wiki to install it because Macs don't play all the nice with Linux. Everything that is on the Arch wiki will work on Manjaro.

** edit

Manjaro changed their installer alot since when I last used it, I will see if I can replicate your error and see where things gone wrong.