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$ figlet hello unixhub - lidstah - 13-01-2014

Hi all,

After some monthes lurking here, finally decided to post this introduction.

I'm lidstah (the "stah" is an old story :]), a sysadmin from France. Back in the old days I was an Amiga user (still have my good ol' A1200 running), and switched to gnu/linux for main use in 1996 (ah, slackware). Believe it or not, I've never used windows® at home (it's another story at work, sadly, but things are improving :p).

Nowadays, I mainly use Arch for my desktop and my everyday's laptop, Debian on my servers and OpenBSD at work (and on my good old Thinkpad T60).

In my spare time, I enjoy "coding" (well, mostly some "bidouillage" (french word, kind of hacking but in a low level way) in C, Perl, Go and bash), some gaming, playing around with obscure operating systems (I'm looking at you, Plan9 From Bell Labs), hanging around with friends, IRC (I'm an IRC addict since 1995), listening to music, and to participate to the associative life of my city (I'm a member of our local LUG, and of a local associative internet provider (FAImaison, member of the FFDN)).

Oh, and I'm a huge belgian beer fan, and a coffee addict.

Well, I guess that's all :)

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - nrmc.dubz - 13-01-2014

Welcome at UnixHub lidstah, enjoy your stay; and visit our irc.
Hope you have a great time here.

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - lidstah - 13-01-2014

Thanks for the kind words! I'm logged on irc right now, but as I'm still at work, I won't speak much before this evening.

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - z3bra - 13-01-2014

Welcome here ! ;)

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - yrmt - 13-01-2014

Welcome here lidstah!

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - jobss - 13-01-2014


RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - shtols - 13-01-2014

Omelette au fromage & welcome!

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - lidstah - 14-01-2014

Thanks all! :)

(13-01-2014, 05:22 PM)shtols Wrote: Omelette au fromage & welcome!

Hehe, thanks shtols :). So, as you seem to like "omelettes" and "fromage", here is a nice recipe for a good "omelette au fromage à la française" (1 person). It comes from my grandma, so it's quite nutritive:

- around 10 minutes preparation and 5 minutes cooking.
- 2 eggs. 3 if you are hungry.
- some milk. Better, a good spoon of "crême fraîche" (milk cream)
- mix them with a fork, violently. Yes, violently. I insist. It must be homogenous. Add some salt (not too much!) and some pepper if you want. Violently mix it again.
- get some "gruyère", or if you can, get some "reblochon" instead. "reblochon" is more tasteful, and more liquid when heated than "gruyère". Alternatively, you can use "roquefort", "mont d'or", "morbier" or "saint nectaire", depending of the taste you want: stronger, softer, mushroomer and so on. But always cut the outer solid part of the cheese, it will not melt nicely else.
- cut the cheese in small cubes. mix it slowly with the eggs and the cream. I insist on the "slowly" thing, here.
- take a little inch of butter, put it in a heated pan (~ 200° Celsius). The butter should make bubbles and become liquid in a matter of seconds, so be careful and move the pan so the melted butter covers its surface entirely. put back on the fire.
- put the "omelette mix" in the pan. lower the fire to ~100°C
- with a wood spoon, carefully verify that the under side of the mix is becoming solid, like a pancake. Adjust temperature as needed. Try to avoid too much black spots.
- the upper side of the mix should be liquid, then, with the spoon, fold the "omelette".
- Turn the omelette in the pan, so each side is equally cooked.
- wait a little, with a lower fire (~80°C iirc). The goal is to have a solid omelette on the outside, and an almost liquid mix of cream, cheese and egg in the middle. Timing is really important there.
- Serve, with fresh salad, sliced tomatoes and a smooth vinegar sauce. Ideally, you can accompany it with some cold previously roasted meat (beef, chicken, pork…) and a pinch of Dijon's mustard.
- Accompany it with a nice Sancerre Rouge (red wine, serve it at ambiant temperature, open it an hour before eating, to let the wine "breathe". iirc 2002, 2007 and 2009 are good years, although it can vary), or alternatively, with a tasty beer, my preferate one being St.Bernardus 11°, served fresh (as out of the fridge), which is really nice in summer. White wine is to avoid, except if you did an "omelette de la mer" with fish and various seafood, where a nice Blanquette de Limeux or a little Muscadet shall be perfect, served fresh (~15°C, maximum).
- Now, I'm hungry :D

Hope you'll enjoy this recipe, next time, "omelette à la basquaise" (which requires some technic, a truckload of "Espelette pepper", and roasted chicken :) - but this one is really… art!)

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - srp - 14-01-2014

Welcome to UnixHub.

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - crshd - 14-01-2014


I could use some omelette right now...

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - venam - 14-01-2014

Wow, I knew it, the French language rules UH.
Also, welcome to our forums.

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - lidstah - 14-01-2014

(14-01-2014, 06:29 AM)venam Wrote: Wow, I knew it, the French language rules UH.
Also, welcome to our forums.

You know that, as froggies, our ultimate goal is to dominate the world through the use of our tasty cheeses and nice wines, right? ;)

Joke aside, thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - kirby - 14-01-2014

Talked to you on IRC and you're a coold guy, welcome to UnixHub! :)

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - lidstah - 14-01-2014

thanks kirby - you're a cool guy too, and thanks too for the lego-raspi picture, it gave me some ideas on which bricks I'll need for the 'pi, when I'll get it (probably this month).

I plan to use it as a secondary dns server, and little testbox for stuff like a Go web server (playing around with go, there is some really nice ideas in this language), various httpd testing (nginx, lighttpd, and so on), various databases testings (postgre, mariadb, mongodb…), and maybe as a seedbox for various gnu/linux and *BSD distributions. I might also try to run some MUDs servers on it.

I'm just wondering about which operating system to use on it: Arch? Debian-based? or a BSD flavor? Something more "exotic"? Anyway, it'll be great to play around with an arm-based machine.

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - kirby - 15-01-2014

If you can find a Debian image without a crap tonne of nonsense installed on it, I'd go for that, but I'm pretty biased towards Debian. Arch is good for getting exactly what you want on it and nothing more, if you haven't played around with BSD, it would provide a good opportunity to so you can make up your mind as to whether you prefer it or not. Not sure how much more 'exotic' you could go without being unable to accomplish everything you want.

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - berk - 16-01-2014

I know only one French sentence -- and I still don't know what it really means. :(

"Vous voulez coucher avec moi ce soir"

Anyways, welcome to Unixhub! Nice omelettes.

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - shtols - 16-01-2014


(Basically you asked him if he wants to sleep with you.)

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - venam - 16-01-2014

(16-01-2014, 02:16 PM)shtols Wrote: Oui.

(Basically you asked him if he wants to sleep with you.)
Vive la francophonie!

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - lidstah - 17-01-2014

He, I remember this was a song main theme ("Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir"). Not my fav'song of all times, though :)

RE: $ figlet hello unixhub - venam - 17-01-2014

Made me think back about this thread