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Desktop RAM on a server MOBO? - jobss - 13-01-2014

I was looking at some desktop RAM that is a few months old already and looking thru the coments, it appears this guy is saying that you can run Desktop RAM in a server MOBO. I always thought that you could not do that because of something or another.

So I was wondering if I get say a SUPERMICRO H8QGi-F-O SWTX Server Motherboard will this RAM work with it, the G.SKILL Trident X Series Memory Model F3-1600C7Q-32GTX.

The fastest server RAM I was able to find off of Newegg was $109 for an 8GB stick with 7 cas 1600. Which is crazy expensive if I wanted to get around 98 GB.

I was planning on using the server for Virtualization or for folding@home.

RE: Desktop RAM on a server MOBO? - jobss - 13-01-2014

(13-01-2014, 04:02 PM)NeoTerra Wrote: If you look at this and this, it looks as if you'll be okay. If not, I'd just email/contact the vendor of your motherboard and ask them directly.

Thanks Neo.

RE: Desktop RAM on a server MOBO? - crshd - 13-01-2014

It should theoretically be fine. It's just that the consumer grade RAM is lacking some features opposed to the server stuff, like quality, ECC, and all those nice things that are more important than speeds.

Honestly, there's nothing wrong with 1600 RAM. Anything over that is mostly for e-peen. The slight improvements in performance are in no relation to the dramatic increase in price.

RE: Desktop RAM on a server MOBO? - jobss - 14-01-2014

Tech support was some what more helpful then I thought. All tho they did not know they did point me to a memory supported link that only shows sever ram. I think I will just order 1 set and try it out and if they don't work I'll just return them