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A Moment of Silence - jmbi - 28-01-2014

i would like to propose a moment of silence to be held both on irc and on the forums on January 28th, 7:00pm EST for 1 minute.

as you may all know we have a fallen brother, shix, who will be without internet and *nix for the remainder of the week. i feel as if this moment of silence will help us remember all the good times we have, and how quickly it can be taken away. something as simple as your router "shitting itself" can handicap you in both personal development and expression through rice.

thank you,


RE: A Moment of Silence - BigE - 28-01-2014

I think we can handle a moment of silence on the forums.

RE: A Moment of Silence - Jayro - 28-01-2014

I tried to tell myself I wouldn't cry. You'll be missed soldier.