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Image rendering through w3m - z3bra - 28-01-2014

Hi guys !

The other day, I saw on the ranger page that it uses w3m to render images. I took a look at it, and wrote a blog post about it !

I am now able to preview my images, right from the prompt ! I hope you'll like it ;)

RE: Image rendering through w3m - venam - 28-01-2014

That's really interesting. The best thing is that it also works in the tty.

RE: Image rendering through w3m - pvtmert - 07-03-2014

very nice work thanks... I wouldn't find out myself 99 percent :)

RE: Image rendering through w3m - LibertarianBroci - 07-03-2014

I was actually looking for a way to use a script to display album images onto the terminal with Pianobar. I had already found a script that cached the images so all I need was an external program to put the images onto the tty. I tried fbi and what have you and it "worked" but I had to exit the program to get the song to start. I decided that I'd try to use w3m to display the images, but I was too lazy to try and find out how it worked like you did. Thankfully, I can now create said script and view album art on the terminal.

RE: Image rendering through w3m - trgc - 07-03-2014

That's really cool. Thanks for sharing this with us.