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Hi. - klr - 12-08-2012

Hi, I'm klr, from sweden. I've used GNU/Linux since my first computer, currently I'm running Debian but I gonna switch to Source Mage when I got some time. I have tried FreeBSD, and will try OpenBSD and/or MirOS BSD, if I need a server I'll run one of those three on it probably. I'm also studying C, just recently started. I hope I am welcome and can share some of my knowledge and learn from yours.


RE: Hi. - yrmt - 12-08-2012

Welcome! We're always happy to have new members with knowledge like yours :)

RE: Hi. - Alexander - 13-08-2012

Welcome! I'm also about to switch to either Sorce Mage or Lunar. Last time i tried my CPU got overheated and my computer powered off, so i had to order a new fan, wah.

RE: Hi. - klr - 13-08-2012

Thank you.
Thank you, hehe.

RE: Hi. - Test-Run - 13-08-2012

Welcome klr


RE: Hi. - Jayro - 13-08-2012

Welcome to the forum! Sounds like your a great member to have. I hope to see you around.

RE: Hi. - klr - 13-08-2012

Thank you.
Thank you.

RE: Hi. - klr - 14-08-2012


RE: Hi. - Prominent - 14-08-2012

Welcome to UnixHub! Enjoy your stay!

RE: Hi. - Robby - 15-08-2012

Welcome to the forums, hope to see you in the IRC.

RE: Hi. - klr - 15-08-2012