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unix haikus - jmbi - 23-02-2014

i sit and i breathe
ricing my desktop with ease
the world fades away

then it slaps me, ouch!
why can't the world be like *nix?
i'll rm your ass

the chat be bangin'
forums be quiet as shit
oh well, dat uptime

RE: unix haikus - Mafia - 24-02-2014

Gotta say, even though this is kind of funny, and's some shit I would expect of was pretty good.

RE: unix haikus - funriz - 24-02-2014

keyboard and cheetos
bspwm circlejerk
oh fuck, my keyboard.

RE: unix haikus - Mafia - 24-02-2014

oh wait but,

RE: unix haikus - shtols - 24-02-2014

To praise the recent discoveries:

Apple and SSL
implementation, doomed

RE: unix haikus - berk - 24-02-2014

dev urandom pipe hd
black on green
such hacker

RE: unix haikus - jmbi - 24-02-2014

Neo says something
the chat falls silent, oh fuck
the autism thrives

RE: unix haikus - jmbi - 25-02-2014

unix is my place
a playground in a playground
where scraped knees are fun

RE: unix haikus - jmbi - 26-02-2014

bosko is back ya'll
he hides in darkness, *fap fap*
Neo will prevail

RE: unix haikus - jmbi - 27-02-2014

some days i use her
some days i abuse her, but
it's *nix, it's all good

RE: unix haikus - jmbi - 28-02-2014

borderline homo,
these haikus about unix,
oh well, fuck you shix

RE: unix haikus - ajac - 01-03-2014

thought this might be appropriate...

unix koans [click]

RE: unix haikus - jmbi - 01-03-2014

fuck this haiku shit
i should be doing homework
but this is better

please, tell us Neo
what is the meaning of life?
is it something fun?

RE: unix haikus - jmbi - 02-03-2014

well, fuck you Neo
maybe i like autism
democracy wins

RE: unix haikus - venam - 03-03-2014

Unix is like Twix...
Double savour inside it?
Unix is like Twix!

RE: unix haikus - jmbi - 03-03-2014

shit hit the fan, man
your e-penis is bigger
goodbye, my niggas

RE: unix haikus - jmbi - 06-06-2016

<strong>here i sit, typing
happy hacking pro 2 sex
all done compiling

RE: unix haikus - apk - 06-06-2016

aight aight aight gimme a beat

gimme a beat

drop a bea-



here we go
this ones for ed

straight outta that other thread

here we go

check it