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UnixHub Distro Name - ichiban - 26-02-2014

So we can appropriately name the Git repo, the Wiki, and any subsequent pages, subforums, subdomains, etc., the distro project needs to be named. As per discussion in the IRC, we have determined that the distro is to be Linux based, rolling release, semi-bleeding edge (wounded edge?), and pkgsrc for packages. Aside from that, it is mostly tentative, or hypothetical.

For the naming scheme, we have to several options. We could pursue an acronym, or go for something more abstract. Either way, we should put it to a vote - so, what are your name ideas? Hopefully we can all agree on one.

RE: UnixHub Distro Name - venam - 27-02-2014

Why not simply christen it "Unixhub Distro".

RE: UnixHub Distro Name - Mafia - 27-02-2014


RE: UnixHub Distro Name - crshd - 27-02-2014

Maud - Maud is A Unixhub Distro

Or Tiara - Tiara Is A Recursive Acronym

Man, I really am bad with names.

RE: UnixHub Distro Name - DotDev - 27-02-2014

I Like Mafias name for it (Uniwix)

RE: UnixHub Distro Name - kirby - 27-02-2014


RE: UnixHub Distro Name - Dritz - 27-02-2014


RE: UnixHub Distro Name - Ippytraxx - 27-02-2014

I agree with Venam and Neo, just go with something obvious like "Unixhub Linux". It actually sounds pretty professional, kinda like Redhat Linux, especially when almost all distros have obscure names like Manjaro, Chakra, Antergos, etc.

RE: UnixHub Distro Name - yrmt - 27-02-2014

Indeed, UnixHub Linux sounds nice.

RE: UnixHub Distro Name - ichiban - 27-02-2014

Well, my vote's for UnixHub Linux. Can it be agreed upon?