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NIXERS Forums - yrmt - 19-03-2014

Hello all,

I've been fixing the forum's theme and templates lately, and I'll welcome any advice or request to make it better and more enjoyable for everyone in this thread!

I've fixed:

- the header issues
- added thread titles in threads
- fixed quote button
- added thread page numbers on the top
- de bolding
- the quick reply spinning wheel is now hidden

RE: NIXERS Forums - eye - 19-03-2014

Thanks yrmt for everything.

RE: NIXERS Forums - nrmc.dubz - 19-03-2014

Thank you for keeping this place alive.

RE: NIXERS Forums - yrmt - 20-03-2014

You're right! I'll fix that today.

RE: NIXERS Forums - yrmt - 20-03-2014

There, I added back the quote button. It must have been removed when I updated mybb.

RE: NIXERS Forums - kirby - 20-03-2014

Is there any chance of the PasteBin coming back? I quite liked that.

RE: NIXERS Forums - yrmt - 20-03-2014

Not right now, but there are some nice free services available:

- ...

RE: NIXERS Forums - eye - 20-03-2014

for you need an invitation though. So I implemented my own, using his code. But still... Is there someone who could pass some invitations on? :D

RE: NIXERS Forums - kirby - 20-03-2014

I ended up getting an invite to when I asked on the IRC.

RE: NIXERS Forums - DotDev - 20-03-2014

umm how about a Projects/Community Contribution section, that way when ever a forum project comes up it'll be all in one place instead of scattered across the forums in multiple threads.

RE: NIXERS Forums - yrmt - 21-03-2014

Ok DotDev, we can talk about it on IRC.

What do you guys think of the updated menubar?

RE: NIXERS Forums - jmbi - 21-03-2014

looks good mange

RE: NIXERS Forums - yrmt - 26-03-2014

I added forum thread page numbers on the top as well.

RE: NIXERS Forums - cyberpunkz - 27-03-2014

UnixHub is back!

RE: NIXERS Forums - yrmt - 27-03-2014

No, it's not. UnixHub is dead, long live

RE: NIXERS Forums - dami0 - 24-07-2014

Good riddance.