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Hello community - RoastPotatoes - 25-03-2014

I like using Linux. I started with ubuntu in 2009 but have now made my way to crunchbang.

RE: Hello community - yrmt - 25-03-2014

Hello space cowboy, welcome to I hope you'll enjoy it here!

RE: Hello community - jmbi - 25-03-2014

welcome bro, we all like using linux here!

RE: Hello community - Test-Run - 25-03-2014

Welcome to nixers!!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them by PM or on the irc :D


RE: Hello community - nrmc.dubz - 25-03-2014

jmbi Wrote:welcome bro, we all like using linux here!

Welcome to; enjoy you stay

RE: Hello community - venam - 26-03-2014

Wow, is already coming back to life.
RoastPotatoes, Welcome to our forums.

RE: Hello community - z3bra - 26-03-2014

(26-03-2014, 12:47 AM)venam Wrote: Wow, is already coming back to life.

I was thinking the same, not bad for a first day !

welcome here potatoe !

RE: Hello community - jobss - 26-03-2014

Olah, Mr.Roast

RE: Hello community - dami0 - 26-03-2014


Don't be a stranger to asking.