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Hello all! - zed - 26-03-2014

Hi guys,
I met a couple of you on the IRC. I'm currently going to University for Computer Science. I've been using Linux off and on for the past 2-3 years. I run Debian with Windows 7 on my Desktop. On my laptop, I just recently switched from Crunchbang to ElementaryOS. I'm still learning a lot about Linux and all the cool things going on in the background. See you guys in the IRC!

RE: Hello all! - yrmt - 26-03-2014

Welcome to!

RE: Hello all! - srp - 26-03-2014

Welcome to *Nixers, enjoy your stay.

RE: Hello all! - nrmc.dubz - 26-03-2014

Welcome aboard, zed

RE: Hello all! - Test-Run - 27-03-2014

Hi zed, welcome to!