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visiting from the grill - dkeg - 29-03-2014

Hi All, have lurked here and there, and today, decided to join. Been a bit weary of joining another community after the demise of muchville. I also recently happened to be perusing the forums here and was sad to see the unixhub drama. Glad to see you were able to come back together and spawn a new community.

I spend my time with my brothers over at LinuxBBQ. Linux has been my main system for the last several years, except at work. I'm a hobbyist, tinkering and configurating for fun, while professionally I work as a Business Analyst.

Main WM's are herbst, monster, cwm. Currently running back and forth between LinuxBBQ Colin, and LinuxBBQ Gruffalo, base is debian sid.

I try to contribute what and when I can. Most of my contributions live over at the grill. Lately with RL, I mainly browse from my mobile while commuting on the train. Weekends usually bring more time for catching up on website, github, and forum activity.

Glad to be here ...

RE: visiting from the grill - nrmc.dubz - 29-03-2014

Welcome to our nice, tiny community. Feel free to visit our irc and nixering around with us.

RE: visiting from the grill - dami0 - 29-03-2014

Welcome to nixers! We're full of all sorts of people. I think you'll fit in nicely with the rest of the ricing bunch here.

RE: visiting from the grill - Bones - 29-03-2014

Hey, don't I know you, mister? ;) Good to see you over here! Funny, I was just trying out Gruffalo earlier today. Very nice, my first run at monsterwm. I have to say, I like the addition of compton, that's worthy bloat, imo.

RE: visiting from the grill - dkeg - 29-03-2014

Haha bones, good to see you here too! And thanks! Yep, on Gruffalo now. Just as I mentioned in the release notes, 'some comforts added'. Monster is a real nice wm.

RE: visiting from the grill - Bones - 30-03-2014

I was enjoying catwm, but then it started crashing. That simply will not do. Trying to find a wm I can standardize on between my Slackware and OpenBSD installs. I'm leaning towards cwm or herbstluftwm at this point.

RE: visiting from the grill - dkeg - 30-03-2014

Well, those my friend are some top notch selections. Cwm is for sure my go to stacker.