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Evening All - Snowcrash - 02-04-2014

Hello everyone. I found this forum basically because I browse /r/unixporn a lot and people always have it in screenshots so I figured I'd give it a go.

My first experience with a *nix OS was about 2005 with FreeBSD. It was a basic shell account where I learned how to set up an IRC server. Ever since then I have learned to depend on *nix for all of my server needs. I started small with shells then moved to full VPS boxes where I built my own stack and configured, secured my own stuff which was a great learning experience. My preferred OS for servers is Debian.

I'm starting the slow, moderately painful transition to a Linux Desktop. Currently I am running Linux Mint 16 with Cinnamon and I like it since it mostly just works and at the end of the day I just need my desktop to work. I'm sure eventually I'll transition to a different distro.

I'm still anchored to Windows because of gaming but that's slowly getting better, the drivers are still pretty nightmarish though and I have some bizarre issues that are brought about by dual booting.

Anyways, I'm glad to be here. Have a nice evening all.

RE: Evening All - yrmt - 03-04-2014

Welcome to nixers :)

RE: Evening All - z3bra - 03-04-2014

Welcome here !

RE: Evening All - Neuromatic - 03-04-2014

Enjoy your stay.

RE: Evening All - GLN - 03-04-2014


RE: Evening All - Snowcrash - 23-04-2014

Thank you all!

RE: Evening All - venam - 24-04-2014

Nixers are welcomed to