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Security+ - Saos - 23-04-2014

I passed my certification test on Monday and I'm excited.

Just thought I would post about it because I don't think I know anyone else who understands what it is/might care.

RE: Security+ - yrmt - 23-04-2014

Congratulations :)

RE: Security+ - scapegoat - 25-04-2014

Congrats! What was the exam like?

RE: Security+ - Saos - 26-04-2014

Thanks! Every question was situational. There were simulations of changing server/firewall configurations, all sorts of attacks, etc. I wasn't able to breeze through like I thought I would be.

RE: Security+ - Gen - 26-04-2014

That's amazing, congratulations! What do you plan to use it with? Or apply it? Or is it more for the educational purpose?

RE: Security+ - Saos - 27-04-2014

It's required for my job, and they pay for it. So that's why I got it initially. I do some sysadmin work. From here I'll probably go for CEH, Linux+, or something in that area.

RE: Security+ - srp - 04-05-2014


I'll be going for my A+, Network+, and Security+ for the next 2 years.

RE: Security+ - Saos - 04-05-2014

I don't have A+ or Network+. I don't feel like I would need them for anything other than proof of my knowledge on paper. They're considered less advanced than Sec+ so...

RE: Security+ - Derby - 06-05-2014

I would not recommend CEH, it is a lot of money for something you don't get much out of and it doesn't look that good on your CV. I am CEH myself and that is only because I got it for free.

I'd look at going for OSCP as you will learn much more from it and it is a much higher regarded qualification, be warned though it's quite difficult but if you can motivate yourself to do some pre-reading and gain background knowledge you'll be much better off than with CEH.

RE: Security+ - Saos - 06-05-2014

I figured CEH wouldn't be sufficient for much. I'm only going to get it because my job pays for it, just like Sec+.

RE: Security+ - Derby - 07-05-2014

If it's free then I'd say go for it, easy to breeze through and an extra cert under your belt.

RE: Security+ - Saos - 08-05-2014

OSCP looks intense as hell.

RE: Security+ - Derby - 09-05-2014

Apparently so, I've yet to had the time to start it yet but I'm really excited! Less than a month until I buy my lab time.

RE: Security+ - Saos - 09-05-2014

Maybe in the far off future. Depends how deep I want to go with it. If CEH doesn't satisfy me, I'll consider it.
For now, I'm probably just going to get as many easy certs as I can for my resume's sake.

RE: Security+ - hades - 10-05-2014

As part of AIT, I'll be doing Security+ in a few months. Apparently, the "instructor" who teaches the course here just gives you the book and has you sit there quietly for 8 hours of class every day and read. A lot of students apparently fail it under him because they don't read the book because they're not being forced to do it, and they have no self-discipline.

RE: Security+ - Saos - 10-05-2014

No practice tests or virtual labs? That's like reading a programming book and expecting to be a developer when you finish.

RE: Security+ - hades - 10-05-2014

Apparently the book we're assigned has a few practice tests, and a CD comes with it that might have some virtual labs. From what everyone's been telling me, it's a "Go do it yourself or fail the exam" type of course.

RE: Security+ - Saos - 10-05-2014

Sounds like something similar to one of the things I used. It had practice stuff in it. Free online practice tests help a ton because you run into things that you haven't covered yet. Also, have a good understanding of IPsec in regards to the OSI model.

And ports, of course. I would have failed without memorizing those.

RE: Security+ - xero - 08-08-2014

i got A+ and N+ at college. but SEC+ and NIX+ are still on my list.

RE: Security+ - sodaphish - 09-08-2014

CISSP, CCNP, MASE, ASE, ACE, etc... as a consultant, I'm obliged to get a *LOT* of certs.