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Recent Downtime - Jayro - 19-08-2012

Hello Everyone,

As you have likely noticed, the forum had been down for almost 24 hours. This is because the host I was hosting with essentially shit the bed.

I have not slept since the forum went down and am glad to finally have it back up and running. We are with a new host know with amazing support for emergency situations like the one we had just been faced with. Our new server is faster than the other was so you should notice a substantial increase in response speed when browsing the forum.

This downtime occurred at the same time as our scheduled maintenance of the IRC server, causing us to be completely offline for that amount of time. Both servers are now running flawlessly.

If you notice anything not functioning around the forum please let me know via PM or on IRC.

Glad to have everything back up and running.

RE: Recent Downtime - jmbi - 19-08-2012

Thanks Jayro :)

Your hard work is highly appreciated.

RE: Recent Downtime - yrmt - 19-08-2012

Awesome, thanks for your hard work.

RE: Recent Downtime - Jayro - 19-08-2012

No need to thank me guys, anything for this community. :)

RE: Recent Downtime - Prominent - 20-08-2012

Thanks for everything Jayro, I noticed some imporvements! :3