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Learn HTML5 & CSS3 - NeoTerra - 21-07-2012


RE: Learn HTML5 & CSS3 - Evolution - 31-07-2012

Also codecademy has a web course that leads you through HTML -> CSS -> JS in a comfortable manner, I already know HTML/CSS and have just started JS but when I tried their HTML and CSS courses I found it moves at a decent pace and is nice and concise.

RE: Learn HTML5 & CSS3 - Jayro - 01-08-2012

Thenewboston's tutorials are the best I have ever seen and I highly recommend them. He taught me Python!

RE: Learn HTML5 & CSS3 - Evolution - 01-08-2012

Eh as I've been told/shown W3 schools is inaccurate and attempting to learn from any info there will leave your knowledge flawed.

They aren't even related to the W3, also read the bottom of their site.

RE: Learn HTML5 & CSS3 - crshd - 02-08-2012

Yeah, [this]( site gives a nice insight about why you _shouldn't_ use w3schools.

RE: Learn HTML5 & CSS3 - Jayro - 03-08-2012

(01-08-2012, 05:39 PM)NeoTerra Wrote: Jayro I leeched this thread off of Joomscrap, didn't know if you were going to be joining us or not. I hope you don't mind, I left credits to you.

Of course thats okay and of course I planned on joining you guys! I kind of host the forum remember? :)

RE: Learn HTML5 & CSS3 - Dritz - 28-08-2012

I've been using codecademy in order to learn HTML & CSS as well.

It's a big boring for me though. You can just kinda read the markup and tell what it's doing.

I'm staring to think that those WYSIWYG web IDEs might be useful for at least the HTML/CSS development.

I just don't see the benefit of writing an ENTIRE website from just a text editor.


RE: Learn HTML5 & CSS3 - yrmt - 28-08-2012

I like to use an editor to make sites. I use one designed for HTML/CSS though. [Brackets](

RE: Learn HTML5 & CSS3 - crshd - 30-08-2012

WYSIWYGs produce absolutely **horrible** markup. The only way to get it right is doing it by hand. And with a bit of experience, you'll have basic structure laid out faster than you ever could with one of these pointy-clicky toys, especially if you use some tools to speed up the process, like [zen-coding]( in a proper editor.

RE: Learn HTML5 & CSS3 - D9u - 05-09-2012

I've been writing my sites on a mobile phone, from boilerplate.
I need at least two different text editors and as many browsers as my phone has room for.
It sucks, but it's not impossible.

I tend to just use Google rather than any specific sites.

When I get high speed connection I'll look at the videos.
Thanks for sharing.

RE: Learn HTML5 & CSS3 - jazzycool - 30-01-2013

I would go with some ebooks.

RE: Learn HTML5 & CSS3 - Vale - 11-08-2013

NewBoston is a fantastic source, not just for HTML & CSS either, he has tutorials on Youtube as well as a very active and helpful forum for a ridiculous amount of languages and activities. Definitely worth checking out if someone looking to learn these things is reading this.

Also Code Academy is very geared towards Web Design / Web Development and is a great place to get your feet wet if you're clueless where to start out in: HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, and / or a few other things like APIs. I personally have over 700 points(1 point is awarded every thing you complete a short assignment / tutorial) on CA and still find some use out of it from time to time. :)