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Hi nixers! - gasegG - 21-05-2014

Hi everybody!

Swiss IT guy here. I discovered on some scrot (I did not remember if it was on /g/ or /r/unixporn). You guys seems to know what you are talking about, and your desktops setups juste made me register (especially z3bra's one, sublime!).

To be honest, I'm quite new to the *nix world. I was introduced will I was in internship at a hosting company and immediately loved it.

I started by using crunchbang on my desktop before I realized it was nothing else than a pre-riced debian. I'm now using Arch on my desktop and my t410 and debian stable on my VPS.

Otherwise, I'm really into drum & bass, climbing, mechanical keyboard and yeah ... that's it.

I will probably lurk a lot since I'm still learning (yeah you never stop learning, but we are not at the same level ;D).

Feel free to ask any question!

RE: Hi nixers! - yrmt - 21-05-2014

Welcome to nixers! I think you'll fit here :)

RE: Hi nixers! - nrmc.dubz - 21-05-2014

Welcome aboard, gasegG; enjoy your stay at

RE: Hi nixers! - Derby - 22-05-2014


Feel free to ask loads of questions rather than lurking, I'm constantly doing that and get fantastic answers no matter how stupid the question may be.