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Qt web browser - rudylorren - 31-05-2014


Do you guys know of a qt web browser with vim like functionality?

doesn't seem to have any working browsers in the same vein as dwb, luakit, that don't have gtk deps.

Any ideas?

RE: Qt web browser - nrmc.dubz - 02-06-2014

If I'm right, Konqueror has a built-in Mode that
allows you to handle it. in a simliar Way then firefox does.
Its not really vim-like but fully controlable via Keyboard.
More emacs then vim but werks.

RE: Qt web browser - rudylorren - 02-06-2014

I'll check it out

RE: Qt web browser - rudylorren - 05-06-2014

I found this :)

RE: Qt web browser - Ippytraxx - 13-06-2014

Seems pretty nice, made with QT5.

EDIT: Nvm saw you wanted vim functionality.

RE: Qt web browser - dcli - 17-06-2014

I'm not sure about vim-like functionality, but otter-browser ( is my personal favorite qt5 browser.

RE: Qt web browser - RoastPotatoes - 18-06-2014

I recommend uzbl. It has near vim like functionality.