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Hello, everyone! - dcli - 16-06-2014

Howdy! I'm dcli.
My distro is slackware, my DE is xfce, my WM is xfwm4, my theme is numix, my background is this: ( and I'm learning python. Ask anything else you want to know!

RE: Hello, everyone! - jmbi - 16-06-2014

Welcome! I'm glad you're here, we need some more slack users. Maybe after a few days we can convert you from your Numix.

RE: Hello, everyone! - dcat - 16-06-2014

Welcome to nixers broseph

RE: Hello, everyone! - dcli - 16-06-2014

Yes, I'm desperately looking for a good looking theme that's not numix.

RE: Hello, everyone! - yrmt - 16-06-2014

Welcome here

RE: Hello, everyone! - venam - 16-06-2014

Well, that was a smart introduction.
Welcome aboard dcli.

RE: Hello, everyone! - berk - 16-06-2014

Hello, and welcome! Python is really accessible, right? I hope you get to write some little toys soon. The end result is so satisfying!

RE: Hello, everyone! - dcli - 17-06-2014

Thank you, venam! And yes indeed, berk. Easy to learn and quite powerful