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Hi everybody! - nays - 17-06-2014

Hi everybody,

I've noticed this forum appear in a few shots on /r/unixporn and it seems like a nice community. Love the desktops!

I'm a programmer by day (.net mostly... shh!), but my home setup is now 100% GNU/Linux. I'm currently running Debian Jessie on my main machine (Alienware X51) and Sid on my C7 Chromebook. I also have a Pi for playing with and a spare machine I'm probably going to turn into a Steam Box.

I'm interested in gaming, the ways of open source, security, tinkering with my machines and generally anything nix!

Looking forward to getting involved!

RE: Hi everybody! - dcat - 17-06-2014

Welcome to the forums, feel free to drop by the IRC.

RE: Hi everybody! - venam - 17-06-2014

Hello and welcome nays.

RE: Hi everybody! - jmbi - 17-06-2014

Welcome, you'll fit right in here!