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Hello, all. - gurhush - 28-08-2012

Some of you might recognize me from I run Debian and don't afraid of anything.

RE: Hello, all. - gurhush - 29-08-2012

You do realize that 'don't afraid of anything' is a joke, right?


Thanks for the welcome! So far, this looks like an excellent forum and community.

RE: Hello, all. - venam - 29-08-2012

Yo gurhush!
Glad more nice people join the forum.
You can hang out in the IRC some time, we do naughty stuff there.

RE: Hello, all. - Jayro - 29-08-2012

Welcome! I hope to see you around!

RE: Hello, all. - Test-Run - 30-08-2012

Welcome gurhush.