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Vacation notice - berk - 23-06-2014

I'm off for a few months! There'll be beaches, girls, ice cream, etc... It's summer in the Northern Hemisphere! Away from everything electronic except for my phone (which I will only be using for listening to music) See you later.

Also will be studying for university exams over the summer. It's something that I should have been working for 0.5 years, but I decided that I'll just start when I go there. Wish me luck and pray for my sanity. :p

See ya!

RE: Vacation notice - hades - 23-06-2014

Noice. I'm getting Four days of leave for July 4, but I'll probably spend most of that relaxing somewhere instead of going out and partying it up.

RE: Vacation notice - exp0sure - 25-06-2014

No Berk! we just met, now you're leaving? ;)