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hey - xero - 26-06-2014

so i'm new here, just wanted to introduce myself.

i'm a software developer, who runs arch linux and loves tiling wms. i've been using awesome for a while now, but recently have been using herbstluftwm. i hack on stuff at

RE: hey - jolia - 26-06-2014

Hey xero! I think you found a great place to share things about *nix, dev, WM...

Welcome here, on Feel free to join our irc channel!

Cya there.

RE: hey - venam - 26-06-2014

Hola Xero! May you enjoy your stay!

RE: hey - DotDev - 27-06-2014

Glad to have you here Xero. Welcome to the forums.

RE: hey - z3bra - 27-06-2014

Hi buddy ! Welcome here !