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NYC? - sodaphish - 07-07-2014

any *nixers in NYC? I'm staying in Hells Kitchen for the week and am looking for something interesting to do, maybe tech related. PM me for my mobile and with ideas for an outing.

RE: NYC? - JerrySpringerIsMyDad - 07-07-2014

You going to Randall's Island this weekend?

RE: NYC? - sodaphish - 08-07-2014

que es?

(What is that? (translated by jmbi))

RE: NYC? - JerrySpringerIsMyDad - 08-07-2014

Sorry, I assumed from your username that you were a Phish fan

RE: NYC? - sodaphish - 09-07-2014

no, but you've revealed your age by assuming such. Drank soda/cola/pop like a fish when I was younger, dad used to say I drank soda like a fish -- ergo SodaFish, but I changed the "f" to reflect my phreaking history. Ergo, SodaPhish.

RE: NYC? - JerrySpringerIsMyDad - 09-07-2014

Ah, I guess that makes sense too. Have you been to Chelsea Grill? I have had a few really good burgers there. And what have I revealed about my age?

RE: NYC? - earsplit - 11-07-2014

I just left in search for cheaper living. But I'd hit up to see whats going on in the area when you're there.

And my favorite burgers in the city are at Whitman's in the village. Shake Shack lines are too long :(

RE: NYC? - dcli - 11-07-2014

it's honestly appalling how expensive it is to live there, earsplit