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Hello! - Mystery - 08-07-2014

Hey. I'm fairly new to Linux, but not too new. I've been on /r/unixporn for quite a while now and heard about this forum from there. I want to get more involved in Linux, etc. Here's something recent I posted. As I said, I'm new but not too new.

Anything I should know about this forum in particular? And beyond that, hello everyone!

RE: Hello! - dcli - 09-07-2014

Welcome! I saw that when you first posted it! Great scrot! There's not much to know, if you want to stay in touch with everyone, come by #nixers on IRC.

RE: Hello! - z3bra - 09-07-2014

Welcome abroad !

RE: Hello! - kirby - 09-07-2014

Welcome, and have a nice stay!

RE: Hello! - jolia - 11-07-2014

Welcome here Mystery!

I saw that scrot too! And it's really cool. You just need to change your font :3