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So I've got this server .. - shtols - 17-07-2014

.. that I don't particularly need anymore since I've recently migrated all my stuff to a more powerful machine. It's still decently equipped (two dual-core Xeons, 8GB RAM, two 72GB 10K SAS hard disks) and located in a reliable data center. So this thing is basically just idling around all day with nothing running on it and I was thinking about doing stuff with it. Of course I could just install OpenBSD on it to deepen my knowledge and play around with various thing. But since I don't need anything it would very soon just die and not be used at all anymore. What a waste of electricity!

So maybe I could use it to set a BSD box up for you guise. Handing out shell access. Combine giving something back to the laughs I have had in the past in the IRC while being able to improve my skillset and having fun.

The question is: Is there even anybody that would be interested in using such a thing?(And for shit's and giggles: I've also got an unused domain laying around,, so if anybody would need a fancy bouncer-address, that could be arranged. hrhr.)

Oh, and for those of you that still remember me: I just found out about all the drama that has been going on and that nixers is still alive. So I'm back. \o

RE: So I've got this server .. - z3bra - 18-07-2014

Dogecoin miner !

RE: So I've got this server .. - jolia - 18-07-2014

Fuck yeah welcome back shtols!

And I'm interresting in your idea, I can help for some sysadmin stuff if you need. It would be great, cause I bit bored @ werk these days...

Thanks & cheerz!

RE: So I've got this server .. - exp0sure - 19-07-2014

IDK what I could do, but access to a server and learning more always peeks my interest :)

RE: So I've got this server .. - delucks - 20-07-2014

Some friends of mine have been setting up shell accounts on each of our servers for each other, thinking about making a network out of it. I'd be willing to lend some sysadmin help.

RE: So I've got this server .. - shtols - 14-08-2014

Okay, so I've got the first 'testversion' of the box up and running. In end I choose virtualization for the scalability (Everything I virtualize runs on Virtualbox, all nodes connected via VPN and managed by a centralized interface. I'm still planning to do a writeup on this.) and FreeBSD 10-RELEASE x64 as operating system. The machine has two virtual cores, 4096MB of RAM and runs in bridge mode, directly connected to a 100MBit uplink.

I've installed all the things I could think of that you people might want (bash, zsh, fish, git, svn, tmux, screen, weechat, irssi, GPG, gcc in all forms, Python 2 and 3, Lua 5.1 and 5.2, Ruby ..) and set up a quite permissive firewall - everything outgoing is allowed. The current restrictions are as following:
  • A maximum of four processes, 8MB of maximum RAM per process, ..
  • .. resulting in a maximum of 32MB RAM
  • A disk quota of 2GB hard-limit with ..
  • .. a file limit of 15MB / file
There are a couple of things I still need to do
  • IPv6 (Adressing as well as firewalling)
  • Backups (Local as well as remote)
  • Finer-grained limits (especially for CPU-time)
  • Finer-grained Firewall (Limiting certain things.. I'm not exactly sure how I will do this but I'm certain that I'll do some more work there)
  • [OPTIONAL] Mailserver (I'm thinking of Pestfix here or OpenSMTPd, but I don't even know if I really want that)
  • [OPTIONAL] Webserver (Apache + ModUserdir?)

This machine will probably get reinstalled in two months or so, on one hand because I need to use it in order to really know what needs to be improved and on the other hand because I want to have /home on a seperate partition. I'd be happy to see some folks using this machine and even more happy if those folks would tell me what they would want or not want. In case you want an account, just drop me a note and a public-key.

Oh, and a personal plea: I'm no BSD systems administrator by trade and I'm generally not the most experience-having guy out there. I'm putting a lot of trust in you guys that you don't abuse me. That 'd be awesome. :)

RE: So I've got this server .. - dcli - 14-08-2014

tor relay?

RE: So I've got this server .. - shtols - 14-08-2014

I'm already running several of those - besides, this thing is concepted as shell host, maybe with additions in form of said mail- or webserver. I like clear separation of things.

RE: So I've got this server .. - dcli - 14-08-2014

I respect that! If I had more use for it I'd take part

RE: So I've got this server .. - exp0sure - 01-11-2014

any news on the server shtols?