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Very sad news. - yrmt - 23-07-2014

I heard that D9U (zygotb) has passed away. He will be sorely missed as he was one of the nicest members around the community.

RE: Very sad news. - Jolia - 23-07-2014

OMFG, how did you get this bad news? :(

Fuck it, I loved that guy...

RIP mate <3

RE: Very sad news. - shtols - 23-07-2014

I'll miss his harsh humor. Rest in peace man.

RE: Very sad news. - eye - 23-07-2014

fuck this is very sad news. I'm really sorry. R.I.P.

RE: Very sad news. - venam - 23-07-2014

An hero has died! I will miss his sense of humor and his memorable screenshots.

RE: Very sad news. - kirby - 23-07-2014

He will be missed, he was a great member of the community. Rest in peace.

RE: Very sad news. - b4dtR1p - 23-07-2014

in these cases, I prefer not to say anything...R.I.P.

RE: Very sad news. - RoastPotatoes - 23-07-2014

Damn, I dont know what else to say.

RE: Very sad news. - jmbi - 23-07-2014

Wait, really? He was a really funny and wise dude, I will miss him a lot. Holy shit.

RE: Very sad news. - yrmt - 23-07-2014

His son messaged me on FaceBook.