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Hey I'm From - FreeBSD - 29-08-2012

Hello all, I am an avid *nix user and still learning how everything works!

Anyways I came here because of the terrible low quality posts at HackForums mostly about backtrack and all that bullsh**.

I intend to stay active as long as this site stays up!

Thanks for your time


MOD EDIT: No profanity please.

RE: Hey I'm From - venam - 30-08-2012

Welcome home!
I'm so glad new high quality members joins each days.
Come to the IRC some times.

RE: Hey I'm From - FreeBSD - 30-08-2012

(30-08-2012, 04:12 AM)venam Wrote: Welcome home Bouba!
I'm so glad new HQ members join each days.
Come to the irc some times.

Yes i will as soon as i finish with my installation of OpenBSD and configuring it!

Also thanks

RE: Hey I'm From - Jayro - 30-08-2012

Welcome to the forum! I hope to see you around!

RE: Hey I'm From - Test-Run - 30-08-2012

Welcome to UnixHub.
I hope you will remain an active member.


RE: Hey I'm From - FreeBSD - 31-08-2012

Sorry just read the rules won't do it again ;)