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Afternoon nixers! - thetornainbow - 18-08-2014

I registered a few months back, but I started a new job and have been mainly lurking around. Glad to be here.

Keep up the awesomeness!

RE: Afternoon nixers! - venam - 18-08-2014

Hello, welcome to

RE: Afternoon nixers! - z3bra - 19-08-2014

Welcome aboard ! I hope you'll have a nice stay over there ! Do you mind telling us your current setup ?

RE: Afternoon nixers! - sodaphish - 19-08-2014

* sodaphish is a grumpy, old, non-ricer

RE: Afternoon nixers! - thetornainbow - 21-08-2014

Sure! At the moment I have a desktop PC that I run CRUX and Arch on. Router's running DD-WRT, tiny home server set up with Debian stable running XBMC, CUPS, and simple backups.

Spectrwm for every setup, plus cat for warmth.

RE: Afternoon nixers! - z3bra - 21-08-2014

Oh, so is that you who asked me for running dwarf fortress on CRUX ? ^^

RE: Afternoon nixers! - thetornainbow - 21-08-2014

Haha, actually yes! I was going to be asking for that Pkgfile if you were...

RE: Afternoon nixers! - z3bra - 21-08-2014

I'll tell you if I manage to port it. BTW, do you host a repo ?

RE: Afternoon nixers! - thetornainbow - 21-08-2014

I have a local repo of some ports that I have for myself. Lemonboy's bar, termite, GNU stow, some other things. I haven't gotten around to hosting them yet. Why do you ask?

What happened to your CRUX ports page? Nothing's there any more and I had to work with my own port of dwb and bar. :)

RE: Afternoon nixers! - z3bra - 22-08-2014

I had a problem with my server. The hard drive crashed so I had to buy a new one, reinstall a new distro (I was tired of arch, so I'm running alpine now), configure the web server and create ports for prt-utils / httpup (so that I can generate the port page without effectively running crux).

I finished yesterday and my ports are now back up !

RE: Afternoon nixers! - thetornainbow - 22-08-2014

Excellent! I like your patched 2bwm as well (and implicit nod to venam).