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UNIX weekly contests - z3bra - 19-08-2014

Hi nixers !

Here is an idea I had : weekly contests !

What about giving people challenges about UNIX, and give them a whole week to solve it, however they want. One they found their solution, they post it in a [spoiler] tag, and at the end of the week, the community vote for the best solution (You can't vote for your own solution obviously)

I don't know if we can turn a normal thread into a poll after it was posted, but the implementation doesn't matter ATM, just tell us if you'd be interresting in such a thing !

For example, here are some contest ideas (if you have more, share it !)
  • Write a script to tidy a directory (put files named "20140819-marakech-0001.JPG" into "pictures/2014/08/marakech/0001.JPG", etc...)
  • Find a way to download youtube videos by providing the search terms only
  • Explain what a kernel is to a 5 yo child
  • Get the fastest boot time, from pressing "power" to your first terminal window (needs video)
  • Get the lowest RAM usage (scrot/picture as a proof)
  • Get your computer to tell you events ("You have a new mail", "critical CPU usage", "Battery under 5%", ...) instead of using a status bar
  • ...

Who's in ?

RE: UNIX weekly contests - venam - 19-08-2014

Very interesting.
They have a lot of those on It kinda look like your "programming challenge" but related to unix only.

RE: UNIX weekly contests - jolia - 19-08-2014

I just wanna say: "FUCK YEAH"!

It's a great idea. I'm in!

RE: UNIX weekly contests - shtols - 19-08-2014


Even though I have very little time.

RE: UNIX weekly contests - hades - 19-08-2014

That sounds like an awesome idea! count me in!

RE: UNIX weekly contests - delucks - 19-08-2014

I'm in!

RE: UNIX weekly contests - pizzaroll1 - 19-08-2014

Sounds cool. Count me in.

RE: UNIX weekly contests - cjm - 20-08-2014

Im in. :)

RE: UNIX weekly contests - z3bra - 21-08-2014

I guess we're enough to start a contest next week then :)

Do you have some idea ? Or you can choose from the ideas I had. We're not too much yet, so I guess we can all settle on the theme of the first contest.

I personnally find the RAM one funny as a start. We could name it "The milkiest way"

RE: UNIX weekly contests - pizzaroll1 - 21-08-2014

I agree. I think I have a good shot at winning, too, because I have the bare minimum RAM it's posible to run a usable OS on - 32 MB. Although I did get FreeDOS to run on 8 MB, but that's not*nix...

I support the lowest RAM contest. Maybe we should put some minimum requirements on it, though, like you need to have a web browser open, text editor or similar. If you don't, you'll just get people who kill every process other than init and their shell and win easily.

RE: UNIX weekly contests - z3bra - 21-08-2014

You're probably advantaged here, for sure. But be careful, you could be surprised ;)
That's a good point though. We leave users the choice of their programs, but some are mandatory. Let's say...
  • Web browser
  • Text editor
  • IRC client
  • Music player

Is everybody ok with this list ? (And this contest)

RE: UNIX weekly contests - RoastPotatoes - 22-08-2014

Is there going to be a prize?

RE: UNIX weekly contests - z3bra - 22-08-2014

No. At least, I can't give a prize to somebody. If anyone wants to give something, it's up to them

RE: UNIX weekly contests - shtols - 22-08-2014

Bragging rights.

RE: UNIX weekly contests - neeasade - 22-08-2014

You could always download more ram to not use as a prize. Are we going to put this RAM contest in its own thread?

RE: UNIX weekly contests - z3bra - 23-08-2014

Once at least 5 people agree on the subject of this contest :-)

RE: UNIX weekly contests - pizzaroll1 - 23-08-2014

Well, I'm OK with it.

RE: UNIX weekly contests - RoastPotatoes - 23-08-2014

I'm OK with it. Not sure how I'll do though.