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Hello! - MiG - 19-08-2014

Hello everyone,
Used to run Arch Linux for few years, but systemd happened. Now I'm new in OpenBSD world and looking for shelter. I love UNIX philosophy and minimalism.

RE: Hello! - sodaphish - 19-08-2014

well, if you love the *nix philosophy and minimalism, you certainly chose the right distro. As a long-time OBSD lover, and grumpy, old non-ricer, I admire your stick-to-itiveness.



RE: Hello! - dcat - 20-08-2014

Welcome to nixers broseph

RE: Hello! - z3bra - 20-08-2014

Hi buddy ! You definitely came to the good place !

There are many OpenBSD users here, and they will obviously be happy to help you. I personnally left arch for the exact same reason, but not for BSD.

Anyway, welcome here, and have a nice stay !

RE: Hello! - venam - 20-08-2014

Welcome to nixers.

RE: Hello! - shtols - 20-08-2014

\o Ohai!

RE: Hello! - pizzaroll1 - 20-08-2014

Welcome, fellow OpenBSD user!

RE: Hello! - thetornainbow - 21-08-2014

UNIX philosophy and minimalism loves you too. And me. And everyone!

RE: Hello! - eye - 21-08-2014

Welcome to nixers.

RE: Hello! - neeasade - 21-08-2014

Welcome to this community, MiG

RE: Hello! - MiG - 23-08-2014

Oh, wow! Thank you all!

z3ra: I got here from your little web corner. I'm a big fan!

thetornainbow: Thanks. Never too much love, eh?

pizzaroll1: I could use some help with power management, because my laptop is such energy whore.