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NetBSD vs OpenBSD - pizzaroll1 - 30-08-2014

This isn't really a "which is better/more secure/more featureful etc". I haven't really used NetBSD much at all, I have always used either FreeBSD or OpenBSD.

What are the differences between OpenBSD and NetBSD? Here are a few I've worked out (without using NetBSD):
  • NetBSD came first
  • OpenBSD focuses more on security and correctness
  • NetBSD is supposed to run on everything
  • NetBSD's package manager is super portable, can run everywhere
  • You need like 5 floppies or something to install NetBSD, OpenBSD only needs 1

Any more? Should I just find an old laptop and take the plunge?

RE: NetBSD vs OpenBSD - zr0 - 30-08-2014

OpenBSD just works for me :D

RE: NetBSD vs OpenBSD - pizzaroll1 - 30-08-2014

That is very true, and OpenBSD works just fine for me. But I feel as if I'm missing out by not having used one of the biggest *BSDs.

RE: NetBSD vs OpenBSD - LiterallyRyan - 25-11-2014

I used NetBSD for ages, loved it. I had a fairly old laptop and just figured that the portability of NetBSD means it would probably just work, and it did. It was nice and lightweight, clean code, KGDB allows kernel debugging locally (I'm into reverse engineering and rootkits) and best of all pkgsrc!

RE: NetBSD vs OpenBSD - kaludis - 21-01-2015

NetBSD is my choice.

RE: NetBSD vs OpenBSD - Bones - 22-01-2015

I've thought of giving NetBSD a try, but I'm just so damn happy with OpenBSD. Honestly, if I were going to try another, I would probably try Dragonfly first.

RE: NetBSD vs OpenBSD - bsdkeith - 01-05-2015

OpenBSD 5.7 is out today. :)

RE: NetBSD vs OpenBSD - greduan - 02-05-2015

I use OpenBSD, haven't tried NetBSD. Although from what I hear it is not good with desktops. The people I've heard talk about it have had bad experiences with the desktop.

I can't confirm since I haven't tried it myself though.

RE: NetBSD vs OpenBSD - bsdkeith - 05-05-2015

Question>> Does NetBSD have a pendrive installer download, like FreeBSD & OpenBSD have?

Also, does it set up wifi when installing, like FreeBSD & OpenBSD do?

EDIT: Answering my own question having found the answers.

Yes there is a pendrive image & no it does not set up wifi when installing.